Ebook Kindle Temas de Direito da Comunicação na Jurisprudência do Supremo Tribunal Federal


Author: Ericson M. Scorsim

Year: 2017


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The Brazil Constitution celebrates the 30 (Thirtieth) anniversary in 2018.
The book Communication Law in the Case Law of the Brazilian Supreme Court, by the author Ericson M. Scorsim (PhD in Law, by Universidade de São Paulo), lawyer and consultant in Public Law, aims at honoring this historic and symbolic event in Brazil.
The book provides a comprehensive overview of Brazilian decisions on cases about the Regulatory Framework of the Internet, Telecommunications (Telecommunications Act), Broadcasting, Pay-TV (Pay-TV Act) and the Press, in the last three decades, from 1988 (when the Constitution of Brazil was approved) until 2018.
During this period of time, the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court established the basis of Communication Law.

Ericson M. Scorsim

Lawyer and Consultant in Communication Law. PhD in Law from USP. Author of the Ebooks Collection on Communication Law with a focus on topics on technologies, internet, telecommunications and media.