Launch of the Environmental Anti-Noise Monitor Association


The Environmental Anti-Noise Monitor Association is a civil association dedicated to the promotion of environmental and acoustic sustainability, acoustic environmental education, the principle of acoustic efficiency, the advocacy of environmental quality and quality of life in the residential and urban environment, fighting against acoustic environmental pollution, environmental and scientific research, among other values.

The Enviromental Association Anti-Noise Monitor is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations. And the goals for Enviromental, Sustainability and Gouvernance.

Noise from polluting machines causes environmental degradation and loss of quality of life. Noise impacts human health, public health, hearing health, and environmental health. Noise can damage communication, work, health, rest and relaxation, property right, and the right to a home, among other fundamental assets.  And also noise impacts persons whith cognitive neurodiversity e hypersensitive with noise.

To have smart, healthy, and sustainable cities, we need measures to prevent and repress noise caused by polluting agents such as machinery, equipment, tools, motorcycles, buses, cars, trucks, aircraft, and services, among others.

We need acoustical environmental education to have smart, healthy, and sustainable residential condominiums. Residential condominiums urgently need to adopt governance, compliance, and transparency measures in environmental management and commit to acoustic environmental sustainability and the protection of the quality of life in the residential environment and urban environment, free from noise.

We must respect the principle of the prohibition of environmental regression, the principle of prevention of environmental damage, and the “polluter pays” principle.

We urgently need to overcome antisocial, insane, unsustainable, and illegal noise-related behaviors.

We urgently need environmental, technological, cultural, and behavioral innovation to fight against the noise.

We urgently need industrial technological innovation to achieve full acoustic efficiency of equipment, machines, products, tools, etc., with a commitment to acoustic environmental sustainability.  We need to raise awareness, sensitize, and mobilize consumers to purchase silent products and services with acoustic efficiency labels.

The launch of the Environmental Noise Monitor on March 29, of 2023 is symbolic. It is also an anniversary present for the city of Curitiba. If the city wants to be a smart, healthy, and sustainable city, it needs to adopt more effective measures to tackle environmental noise pollution and noise in general. 

However, the Association transcends the local realm. Its goal is to expand to all of Brazil and cross borders so that, in the future, we can articulate actions with strategic international partners in the fight against noise and environmental acoustic pollution.

You are invited to join the Anti-Noise Movement, please visit our website:

Ericson Meister Scorsim

Chief Executive Officer of the Environmental Anti-Noise  Association

Ericson M. Scorsim

Lawyer and Consultant in Communication Law. PhD in Law from USP. Author of the Ebooks Collection on Communication Law with a focus on topics on technologies, internet, telecommunications and media.